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With PalTrack, automate the process of adding tracking numbers to orders on PayPal. One less task to worry about.

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Not syncing tracking numbers to PayPal can be a deal breaker for your online business. Paltrack allows you to fulfill this requirement without having to hire a VA or spending your precious time on repetitive labor.

Lower Paypal reserve

Lower Rolling Reserve

PayPal applies a rolling reserve on your account as a way of protecting their customers. By using PalTrack, you will be operating within PayPal’s requirements. This means less rolling reserve and less issues for you.

quick release of funds

Quick Release of Funds

PayPal has a varying funds release period that can go up to 21 days. With PalTrack, one big factor is eliminated. Having tracking details synced automatically is one less problem to worry about when wanting to get your money faster.

customer satisfaction

Paypal’s Seller Protection

PayPal Seller Protection helps prevent fraud and minimizes claims and chargebacks. Adding Tracking information is a mandatory requirement to qualify for this PayPal program. With Paltrack you will be able to meet all Paypal conditions.

Set it and forget it

Less Chargeback, Disputes & Refund Requests

By providing valid tracking information through PayPal you are less likely to receive buyer's complaints. By using Paltrack, your customers will have easy access to PayPal Tracking information which enables them to track their orders resulting in customer satisfaction.

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Latest Addition of Features

Set correct Carrier name


Set correct Carrier name

Add rules to auto-update carrier info before syncing to PayPal. This ensures that PayPal always receives a carrier name from its reference list and your payments are released on time.

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receive email reports


receive email reports

View your Paltrack dashboard directly to your Inbox. Set your email notification the way you see fit; monthly, weekly, or daily, creating a more personalized experience while ensuring the accuracy of Paltrack’s performance.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Is Paltrack right for me? paltrack is right for you

    If you have a Shopify store then PalTrack will not only work for you but will also take your store management practices to a whole new level. Automation is the way of the present and the future.

    Why Get Paltrack when I can do It Manually? automate boring task

    Time is of the essence in the world of e-commerce. The goal should always be to spend time on money-generating tasks instead of low-cash value tasks that can be automated. By using Paltrack, you are saving hours and hours that could be invested in winning product search, campaigning etc.

    Do you get my data? Can I ask to delete it? we recpect your privacy

    Like many other Web sites, makes use of log files. These files merely logs visitors to the site - usually a standard procedure for hosting companies and a part of hosting services’s analytics. Absolutely! We can delete your data by sending us a request.

    Can I unsubscribe whenever I want? cancel anytime

    You can cancel anytime by removing the app from your store.

    Do you still have a question?

    The PalTrack support team is available 24/7. Please get in touch with us through live chat and our dedicated experts will get back to you.

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    Ready to Save Time and Build Trust With Paypal?

    Join thousands of shopify store owners who put their trust in PalTrack

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